I haven’t received my purchase confirmation

Confirmation of your purchase immediately arrives at the email you have stopped contacting us, be sure to check the spam, unwanted or other inbox of your email as it may get there. If you don’t find it, just let us know your full name and contact phone number on any of our avenues of attention to review it together.

Why does the confirmation arrive in the Spam, Unwanted, or Other tray?

The security of your email filters the types you have the most often to talk to and the ones that are completely new often go to the reference trays. So you can add us as a contact or just check that our answers reach your main tray.

How do I know if my size is right?

Because our sizes are international sometimes differ from those we are used to in Spain, so trust our size guide at the bottom of each page.

Remember that even so and the footwear does not do well, you only have to give us notice in order to make the corresponding change.

I already received my order number, now what do I do?

Once you have received your order number, you only have to wait for our email with the generation of the tracking number so that you can check the status of your order. Please note that the generation is automatic and when you receive it, the Koran system may not yet be up-to-date, so we ask you to try again within 5 business days.

I received  my  tracking number   but  no  information  appears  or  appears  as non-existent or misplaced.

As indicated by punto 3 you received your tracking number that was generated automatically so it may not be updated on the official platform, so we share guidance search platforms to be able to consult the movement. We agree to start tracking the next business days.

Where do you ship my orders?

We send them by Post, if you want to track your order number you can do it in http://bit.ly/correostracking

Information such as “pending deposit” “pre-registered” or others may appear in your first search, don’t worry that it’s the same one that appears by default when created. You will be able to know more information about the delivery and / or estimated in the following business days.

Why haven’t I received my order?

If we have confirmed to you order and tracking means that your order is in progress and we are respecting the established times. If in doubt you can read our shipping section and more in http://bit.ly/correostracking

If we are outside the deadlines, do not hesitate to let us know your concern with your order to contact@tiosof.com