Snorkel mask

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How to choose the size?

First, mesure the length from eye to chin. If the length is less than 13.5 cm, please choose size S/M. (Suitable for Junior and Adult Women) If the length is 13.5 cm or more, choose size L/XL (Suitable for adult men).

Product Advantages:

  1. 180° Full face design: Our diving mask offers a 180° panaromic view, it's easier than ever to breathe comfortably through your mouth or mose while you snorkel. You will see more fish and underwater world than ever! with a detachable camera mount, you can easily connect your camera and capture the movement around you in high definition hands-free.
  2. Comfortable to wear: being made of hard PC, anti-fog adult diving mask is non-toxic and odorless; Wrapped whith soft and thick silicone, it protects your safety and will not hurt your head for long time wearing; Free breathing and no need to hold a breathing tube in you mouth and pull your jaw all the time.
  3. Easy and ANTI-Fog Design: Unigear full face diving mask allows user to breathe through mouth or nose while snorkelling whithout mouthpiece. With diving tube allows you to drive deeper. Separate inhalation and exhalation channels which creates airflow away from your Primary Vision which helps to remove fogging and will keep you snorkeling for longer.
  4. Snorkel technology: a ball at the top of the tube will automatically seal the air valve to prevent salt water from entering your mouth and prevent yawning, spend less time worring about water in your mask and more of snorkeling time.

Advantages of the folded snorkel:

Folded snorkel design: bend the tube by gently pressing a button, you never worry about falling or leaking during your snorkeling, this mask will serve you for a long time and perfectly solve the problem of non-folding diving masks and installation difficulties, such as easily damaging the buckle and easily your diving mask.

Name: Diving Mask

Material: PC + ABS + silicone

Regular color: blue, green, black.


S/Msize: inner diameter 17*13 cm, outer diameter 23*19 cm (small adult size).

L/XLsize: inner diameter 19*13 cm, outer diameter 23*19 cm(large adult size)


Option1: 1* diving mask + 1* earplugs

Option 2: 1* diving mask + 1* earplugs + 1* Gopro parts.




  • Color 1: Green
  • Color 2: Black
  • Color 3: Blue
  • Material 1: ABS
  • Material 2: PC
  • Material 3: Silicone

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